OpenVPN 3.4.0 for Android problems with 2FA

manually restart using systemctl restart pritunl

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This does not seem to work for me. I also am facing this issue on chromebook with the *.onc builtin vpn; It keeps reminding me that I need to fill in a OTP code.

Seems that the last release (12h ago) fixed the issue in the OpenVPN client for me. the ONC file still seems broken. (keeps telling me to enter a OTP)

This fix helped me only for old accounts; if I create a new one, the fix does not work. Unfortunately, I have to use an old version of the OpenVPN client 3.3.4. I hope the developers will hear us and fix this bug. I haven’t tested the latest release yet, I replaced the file manually.

upd: Updated pritunl to v1.32.3805.95, all problems are solved.