Route specific user to specific network

hi guys,

how we create separate route for each user, for example user A only access to ip and user B only for i cannot fine this, please need advice


As far as I’m aware, you can’t. You need to create multiple servers within Pritunl for each subnet and control access to each server using a group, and then assign each user to the relevant group(s).

for free version can we do that multiple server…?

Unfortunately there are not group features in free version.

With Premium version you could use ‘Organizations’ as groups, see this thread where Zach explains: Cannot find how to set up User Groups - #4 by DingoBlue

but there is organization in free version attached to server, i think we can do that but my question is can free version deploy multiple server…?


Multiple servers are intended to be used for handling different sets of routes. Multiple servers can be run on a single host. Organizations are intended to function as user groups.