Adding multiple routes at once in OpenVPN server

Hi, coming from a conventional OpenVPN server.

I found the features of Pritunl to be on point and ease to use.

However, adding 100s of routes one by one to each server is a real pain.

Is there any alternate approach that I am missing?

It would also be nice to be able to massively add them and restart the server once finished instead of having to stop it, add the routes, and restart it :slight_smile:

The GitHub repository has python code at pritunl/pritunl/tools/ showing usage of the API to add routes.

Just wondering why adding routes through the GUI requires stopping a server

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Hi @zach,

Thanks for the reply.

However, I am looking for a more straightforward approach like adding to the DB directly.

Is that possible, if so, do you recommend that?

The server routes are stored in the server document in the servers collection.

Thanks, will try and update.