Allow untunnelled traffic to be routed to different pritunl clients

Connecting to pritunl server causing local LAN network to be blocked,

No traffic is routed using local network, using wg/openvpn option to connect.

however the internet and VPN subnet is working just fine.

If you’ve use wiregaurd VPN client, there is an option to un Block untunneled traffic using the client, want similar kind of routing

LOCAL IP Subnet:

VPN Subnet:

If the route is not included or overlapped in the server routes it should not be impacted. It’s possible this is a DNS issue if the clients local DNS server has custom records for local resources. By default the Pritunl server will overwrite the clients DNS server, this can changed in the server settings.

Routes can be specifically excluded by adding the route and setting the Net Gateway option in the advanced route options. An enterprise subscription is required for this.

Hello Zach, thanks for your reply although I’m not using any custom DNS server for nodes inside the LAB, this was also an issue with custom bare bone wireguard server, but can be easily fixed by editing the config to allow non tunnelled traffic after connecting to wireguard server.

just wanted to know if there is something like this can be done on server/client side

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