ARM support for pritunl

Pritunl’s only compiled binaries work on x86 only and not ARM. I tried compiling it, which is time consuming and causes it to hang at [local][2023-04-23 15:27:04,906][INFO] Generating setup server ssl cert. Is there any compiled binary (deb or rpm) for arm64?

It’s not recommended to use ARM when x86 is available. The single thread performance is typically more important for VPN connections. Most x86 process will have better single thread performance than ARM. Additionally x86 has AES-NI to offload AES encryption used for the VPN traffic.

There’s no ARM builds available the pritunl/pritunl repository has information on building from source in the readme. The pritunl/pritunl-pacur repository contains the build scripts used for all Pritunl software.

Well, 1st of all, I’m running it on an Apple M2.
Thankfully I did get it to compile to thanks for the info :slight_smile: