Auto reconnect "off" setting not saved on classic interface


we observed that while using the Pritunl VPN classic interface (windows) “Auto Reconnect” option is not saved during application restart if it is set to “off”.
Every time application restarts “Auto Reconnect” is set back to “on”
That is an issue for us as we are using DUO MFA and when most of PCs wake up for OS updates they try to reconnect to VPN and lock the users DUO account as they do not respond to DUO requests in the midnight

The old interface is being phased out and that option has already been removed internally, it won’t have any effect. The auto reconnect option has been moved to the settings for each profile and is only available on the new interface.

It is recommended to enable the Pritunl Client Authentication Cache option in the top right settings when using multi-factor authentication. This cache token is stored only in the memory of the client background service and will still maintain a very high level of security without requiring frequent multi-factor authentication requests.

Thanks for clarification, I thought old interface is still supported as there is a back and forth switch
We’ll instruct people to not use classic interface any more
I know it is easier but unfortunately our current security policies does not allow us to use the authentication cache option