Autostart connection disappears

Company has several servers for different work purposes.

One is the general use/“always on” connection that everyone is supposed to use. On my pc, when I go into my profile and set that connection to system profile/auto-start. After clicking save, it removes that server section from the list completely. It’s still connected but I now can’t make any changes to that connection or verify that it’s connected unless I check my ip via different methods.

When I restart my machine, that connection does not auto-connect, but that server is still “hidden” in the app, so I can’t restart it. I have to do a fresh re-download of my profile to make it re-appear.

Just want to know if its suppose to disappear from the list when set to auto-start.

I have uninstalled/re-installed client twice during testing.

Company laptop, I have full admin rights, windows 11 machine

This is likely an error occurring during the process of moving the profile from the home directory to a system directory. The configuration is also converted to a different format used for system profiles. Open developer tools from the top right menu and check the console for errors. Also refer to the Client Debugging documentation for locations of log files.

I’ve encountered the same problem and with a help of Process Monitor found where Pritunl moves profiles marked as System. What helped me was deleting all the files from C:\ProgramData\Pritunl\Profiles

When starting the client after deleting these, there were quite some duplicating profiles previously marked as system but if you close and re-open the client again they should be gone.