Available bandwidth consumption

Hi, I have a dedicated server where I have installed a pritunl enterprise web server with 13 servers and a single host. I would like to ask on what basis is the total available bandwidth of the dedicated server distributed for each server? Thank you

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if I understand correctly, you can set values ​​like “c5.4xlarge” to determine the number of connections based on the type and performance of the server?

Another thing but is there a connection limit set by default like max 200 for server? I ask this as long as having multiple servers in the same panel the one that exceeds 240 connected does not accept other connections.

No testing or detailed recommendations are available for server hardware requirements. It can vary significantly for each use case and the amount of bandwidth that users are consuming. For servers single thread performance and AES-NI CPU support is most important. The AES-128 cipher will provide the best encryption performance. It’s better to load balance across multiple smaller hosts than using one larger host.

thanks, how do you add multiple hosts to the same server?

It requires an enterprise subscription. Once multiple hosts are connected to the same MongoDB database they will be shown in the hosts tab. The host can than be attached with the Attach Host button. The replication count can be increased in the server settings to configure a replicated server.

I have the enterprise version but honestly I don’t understand how to do it. I currently only see one, and I don’t see any buttons that give me the option to create a second one

Hosts are not created from the web console, it would happen automatically. There needs to be one MongoDB database either on one host or a replica set and multiple hosts connected to the single MongoDB database. If you have connected multiple hosts to the same MongoDB database and only one host is shown it is likely the host ID was duplicated. This happens when cloning disks. Delete the /var/lib/pritunl/pritunl.uuid file and restart the host.