Azure SSO Problem with Pritunl VPN

I have followed the SSO guide for azure. I have a user provisioned and when attempting to sign in it opens the browser twice, both pages say successfully authenticated connection, however, the pritunl client says that the connection failed.

The only thing I can find in logs are from the client service log:

[2023-05-23 10:43:04][ERRO] :arrow_forward: request: Bad status from server ◆ body=“401: Unauthorized” ◆ host=“” ◆ status_code=401
[2023-05-23 10:43:04][WARN] :arrow_forward: profile: Request ovpn connection error
request: Bad status 401 code from server

Check the logs in the top right of the web console.

A login attempt with this user provides no logging from the web console logs.