Can I add new routes without dropped connected users?

Hello everybody!
I’m new in the world of pritunl and my question is simple:
Is there any way to add a new route with stops of service and without drop of connected users?
Any High availability configurations type to warranty to the users stay on line during one manutention of routes per example.

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The server needs to be stopped to add routes.

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Are there plans to change this? This is pretty disruptive since we have to schedule downtime in order to add routes.

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There’s currently no plans on changing this.

To make Pritunl a true competitor to something like Pulse – I mention this because you’ve listed Pulse Secure on Pritunl homepage – I think you need to consider this as an option. Modifying routes on VPN servers during business hours is a very, very common thing especially in enterprise environments.

How about adding routes through API ? Adding Routes with API

Is this work without need of stopping server? @zach ?

The server needs to be stopped to modify routes.

But if I stop server, I will lose connection to server…

This is currently the only option, it would take significant code changes to allow route modifications on a running server.