Cannot connect to Pritunl using OpenVPN on iPad

I’ve been trying to use OpenVPN on iOS to connect iPads to our VPN server with no luck at all…

  • Installed OpenVPN
  • Created user account in web portal
  • Downloaded the .opvn file and tranferred to iPad
  • Opened files with OpenVPN > Click to add
  • Met with “Authentication Error” / when going through the settings menu, General > VPN, prompt comes up asking for username and password. We use Google SAML to provision the accounts so I thought it would be the email, but that did not work…

Can I please get some help on this/suggestions?

If single sign-on connection authentication is enabled with the Single Sign-On Authentication option in the server settings that additional layer of authentication will only work the Pritunl Client on macOS, Windows and Linux.

So we use SAML for Google SSO. Is there a way to create a batch of user accounts that do not use SSO?
Example: If I create a new organization within Pritunl, is it possible to make it so that one organization does not use SSO?

If so, can you please walk me through how? Basically we have a certain project within our org that requires the iPads, while everyone else still uses Macs. So we dont want to make a global change on the account to not use SSO

I figured it out! You can close this!