Cannot connect when there are multiple servers

I have set up a Pritunl server on a centOS 7 vps system. All clients and Pritunl server are up to date.
The initial setup included, within the server environment, 1 x server 2 Organisations and several clients. I connected several clients to the server using various clients, linux (NetworkManager), Openvpn and Pritunl Client, all successfully and stable.
I then created 3 new servers within the server environment, and added new clients and organisations.
I can find no way to convince the new clients to connect to their servers and there is nothing in the server logs saying that they are least trying.
The Pritunl client log is showing “Server poll timeout, restarting”.
All clients that connected to the initial server setup continue to work perfectly.
There is no obstructing firewall.

I have either misunderstood what I can do with the Premium subscription or there is something wrong with my configuration.

Any assistance appreciated.

A subscription isn’t required for running multiple VPN servers on one Pritunl host. Each server will have a random port, this port will need to be opened on the firewall.

Hi Zach,
As usual, you were correct. I had not checked the Firewalld stuff. Once I added the appropriate ports everything worked.
Thank you again.