Cannot find the Get uri feature in the console

I am evaluating pritunl but have hit a block.
I intend to run pritunl behind an Edgeos router (ER6P). My test pritunl server is using Oracle Linux Server 8.5.
The web server is up and running . Pritunl-link is showing as connetced on the ER6P.

The pritunl website page Ubiquiti EdgeRouter states:
" The fourth command will add the URI, this needs to be replaced by clicking Get URI in the Pritunl web console. "
The only uri I can identify is in the Clients details. I see no other places where I can obtain this information in the console.
As I understand it, I require the information to run the following command:

sudo pritunl-link add pritunl:// ..... updated to reflect the results of the "get uri".

Thank you for any assistance.

Please ignore silly question!!