Can't reach Pritunl Support on subscription questions

I signed up last week for an Enterprise subscription and have questions on the subscription, including a payment question. I’ve not been able to reach Support. Emailed the contact@ address twice but haven’t heard back. Slightly concerned now how well the product is supported.

One non-payment related question, I signed up for Enterprise from the Pritunl web interface after seeing Enterprise supports Unlimited Servers. I’m running Pritunl in 3 AWS regions, 1 server in each region. Thought this was perfect, one subscription to cover all 3 servers, but then received an email from Pritunl notifying me I need 3 subscriptions since a single subscription only covers 1 cluster. Disappointed to learn this since Unlimited Servers should mean Unlimited Servers. Trying to get past that… I’m wondering what the difference is between 3 servers in 1 cluster versus 1 server in 3 different clusters. I realize it’s different, but does Pritunl incur any real extra overhead with 1 server in 3 clusters? Isn’t the VPN, DB and resources for the VPN running off of my servers?

Emails typically aren’t handled on weekends. The license is valid for one group of servers connected to the same MongoDB database. Each additional cluster is billed as an additional subscription.

Hi, thanks Zach, that’s alright and glad to get some feedback on this. Curious if it’s possible to configure the 3 servers in separate AWS regions so they work off of a single shared database? For example if 1 of the servers (in region A) is reachable by the other 2 servers (in regions B and C), could the 2 servers point to the MongoDB in region A?

The database firewall needs to be configured to accept connections from the other Pritunl server IP addresses. MongoDB Authentication also needs to be configured. Once all the servers are connected to the same MongoDB database it will allow managing all the hosts from the same web console.

Thanks Zach I’ll have a look at this. Managing all the hosts from one web console also sounds handy.