Can't start Pritunl service - [ERROR] Setup web server process exited unexpectedly

Im using ubuntu 20.04 during installation service is not starting up but mongod is running fine. I am new one to this , someone kindly assist me on this

Below are the logs from pritunl.log

[local][2023-10-19 07:23:32,264][INFO] Starting setup server
[local][2023-10-19 07:23:32,269][INFO] Generating setup server ssl cert
[local][2023-10-19 07:23:33,061][ERROR] Setup web server process exited unexpectedly
[local][2023-10-19 07:23:33,069][INFO] Stopping server

Run sudo netstat -tulpn and verify nothing is using port 80 or 443.

I actually have this same issue. However, i can verify that 80/443 are supposedly used by pritunl.

updating, restarting service, and rebooting PC do not fix

There is most likely something attempting to start the service multiple times. This can occur if the system has both systemd and initd.