CLI commands server-side

Hey Folks!

I’m trying to make some changes in our server programmatically, but every time I run a command I get the following error. I found this commands on the internet so I don’t know if they are correct. Also, is there any list of the commands we can use in CLI?

Thanks in advance!

The server doesn’t have any commands to manage the server configuration.

@zach Why not? I just fresh installed following the official documentation. Do I need any license to manage the server via CLI?

There’s no CLI commands to manage the server configuration with or without a subscription. There is a community Pritunl Terraform provider that can automate some configuration.

@zach That terraform provider needs API access which requires an enterprise license. This is a no go for us, as we need to be able to change routes on daily basis. Found some “pritunl set/get” commands but we can’t change routes for instance.