Client->server Primer


Perhaps I am missing something or it likely a misunderstanding overall.
I am trying to get setup something that looks like this:

customer has multiple clients to connect to their server in their office. I am thinking I could use our pritunl cluster to manage the users and traffic to essentially be able to maintain a single dashboard.

client users 1/2/3 → printunl server → client server ( on premise elsewhere )

I am assuming the link is what I need but perhaps there is a primer or guide to follow to help with this setup. I have read the docs ( many times ) however I am likely missing some context.

Thanks in advance!

If the server connects as a client to the VPN server it will be accessible through the virtual IP address assigned to that user.

Getting the clients connected is working great, just need the figure out these next steps. So far, I have been able to make that work for the most part.

Still running in to challenges when trying to route the on-prem network using a network link or even just adding a route on the vpn server that matches the on-prem network.

Perhaps I am missing something but we have added static routes on the on-prem server as well as on the router and tried for multiple hours to get the network links to work as expected?


If the virtual network is being routed the NAT option should be removed from the other routes.