Combine password and pin for Azure


We use Azure SSO with Pritunl. This works fine with the Pritunl client. However, we also have a need to use the OpenVPN client. This client prompts for a username and password.


What is the format for the password filed? Is it the user’s Azure password + the PIN? For example, if the Azure password is “Password1” and the PIN is “123456”, do we enter “Password1123456” in the password field?

We’ve checked the below documentation, but it doesn’t mention Azure.

Any pointers on this would be greatly appreciated.

There is no support for entering the Azure single sign-on password or Azure multi-factor authentication. If you have the Google Authenticator option enabled that is the only PIN that would be entered. If you have enabled connection single sign-on authentication in the server settings which will prompt for Azure single sign-on on each connection that option is only available with the Pritunl Client.

Yes, we do have Azure selected for the single sign-on option from the server setting.

Just to clarify, when we use the Pritunl client, it does not prompt us for the Azure credentials. We just enter in the PIN and it works with no issues.
The OpenVPN client prompts for username and password only. Is this a limitation of the OpenVPN client?

The background of what we’re trying to do is we’ve created a user with “Network Link”. We have a remote site that does not have a public IP address. We want to connect this site to the rest of our Pritunl network. Our thought is to connect it with a OpenVPN client. This would allow us to access the remote site network from our other sites.

The username can be set to anything and the same PIN that is used on the Pritunl client should be entered into the password field.

The Pritunl Client works fine. No issues.

We’re just wondering why the same configuration file doesn’t work on the OpenVPN client. Unfortunately, our router only supports the OpenVPN client and that is where we’re trying to connect from. Trying to figure out why it doesn’t connect to the Pritunl Server with the OpenVPN client.

Here’s the log from the OpenVPN client when we try to connect. We’re using the same PIN for the password as the Pritunl Client (which works).

Check the logs in the top right of the server web console. Some authentication configurations will only work with the Pritunl Client.