Complying with Site ownership verification by Google

Hello everyone,

I did a mistake during initial setup of Pritunl on empty VPS server and now Google marks my VPN as phising site.
After completion of all console steps of Pritunl downloading and installing I opened its Web UI with URL http://<my_vpn_server>.<my_vps_provider>.com (using domain name issued by VPS provider for my server). In the form for Let’s Encrypt certificate I stated another domain name, which was at the same time configured to direct to my VPS IP adress (I use free DNS provider, thus the only setting I have is IP adress to point at).
Pritunl successfully got Let’s Encrypt certificate and reloaded Web UI page with new <free_domain_name>.com
Everything above was done in Google Chrome and these actions were considered Google as phishing attack on my VPS site or that my Pritunl VPN portal is some phishing site:

I’ve read an instructions on “Learn more” link and now I have some options how to prove that my VPN site isn’t phishing or hacked one:

  1. set some token in DNS settings of domain name - unavailable, because DNS provider doesn’t have such options
  2. Download and put specific static html page in the root of Pritunl Web UI
  3. Add a meta tag to my site’s home page (again Pritunl Web UI)
  4. Include Google analytics (analytics.js or gtag.js) in Pritunl’s portal homepage

So, the question is how can 2nd, 3rd or 4th be done with Pritunl on my vps?

The VPS portal is intended for private use for family members only.

I’m sorry for possibly noob question - I did tried to search anything I thought on before posting this topic with no success.

I know that other browsers don’t mark the site as dangerous at the time. However I’m not sure what would be the consequences of Google tagged it as phishing site.

Thanks a lot in advance!

If that would help to someone - I found a solution here:

There’s a link to Google Form at the end of paragraph with a request for manual review.

The issue is closed :slight_smile: