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I would like to ask if below scenario is possible to do with pritunl VPN or not? If yes would anyone be able to provide configuration example?

I have 2 routers with separate internet connection for each router. Both routers have their own subnets to serve.

Let me try to explain what I would like to achieve:
I would like to use 1 VPN organization with 2 pritunl servers and 2 MongoDB servers. The 2 MongoDB servers would replicate between each other and the 2 pritunl servers would be failover of each other. Each pritunl server would have their own connection to the internet. Pritunl Server 1 uses Router 1 to access the internet through ISP 1 connection and Pritunl Server 2 uses Router 2 to access the internet through ISP 2 connection.
When client connects it would try to connect through the registered domain name of ISP 1 connection but if that is not available then client would try the registered domain name of ISP 2 connection.
If both sides are available then connection would be always through ISP 1. While connection is live but Pritunl Server 1 goes down the connection would automatically failover to Pritunl Server 2 using ISP 2 connection. I understand that each pritunl server would need separate virtual subnet which will require static routes accordingly.

MongoDB requires an odd number of servers for the quorum vote. After both the Pritunl
Hosts are configured one VPN server can be created. Attach both hosts to the server and it will automatically failover.

Hi Zach,

Thanks for the quick reply. Isn’t your answer exactly the same as the configuration example as the failover setup from the official website?

If you attach both hosts to 1 server wouldn’t it cause issues with the virtual client networks? I would need separate virtual clients network for both sides of the network.
What will be the domain name in the client connection profile? Will both domains be included for the client connection?

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If NAT is used the virtual network won’t have any effect on the local network. The Pritunl server will handle routing clients if a replicated configuration is used. The client profile will include both server public addresses.

Hi Zach,

Thanks for the reply again. Unfortunately we don’t want to use NAT as we would like to have access to the client computers. Is that still possible to do with failover setup?
I have read in the setup article that the 2 pritunl hosts must be in the same subnet.


To have failover without NAT the routing table needs to be updated automatically. This option is labeled route advertisement but it is only available with the AWS and Oracle Cloud APIs.

If you have another network you will need to create two servers for each host and the user will need to select one of the two.

Hi Zack,

Is OSPF on development plan by any chance? That could deal with route advertisement.

In terms of NAT… We would like to disable it so we can access remote VPN clients from local network. Am I correct saying that is only available in the Premium version?

If I buy 1 Premium license can I use the same license for those 2 pritunl hosts/servers in question?

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The route options require an enterprise subscription. There are no plans on adding OSPF support.