Configuring user with static IP


I’d like to know if it’s possible to set a static IP for a user in Pritunl rather than Pritunl assigning a random one from the subnet.


The user virtual VPN IP addresses shown in the web console are static. There isn’t any option to change the IP address.

So if a user disconnects and reconnects after however many days, they would get the same IP again? Because that’s not what I’m seeing…

I’m looking for something similar to DHCP reservation.

If the server has multiple devices enabled additional user devices will use a random IP address. If the virtual VPN subnet is not large enough for all users attached to the server a random address will be assigned. This would show error messages in the logs.

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Is there a way to change this behaviour? I’m affected of that but I have no more tha 60-70 clients on a /24, divided in 21 organization. There should be enough headspace.
Removed user release the IP to the pool?

All users attached to the server must have an IP address, including users that are not connected. Any remaining IP addresses are used when multiple devices are enabled. A recent update to Pritunl fixed an issue where the IP pool would run out of addresses when multiple devices is enabled.

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My version is:

pritunl v1.30.3236.80

No multiple devices option enabled.

Yesterday, during various attemps, I’ve found that starting & stopping the server from the web interface and then recreating the user, solve the problem.
(Just in case you can recreate the key and the user)

This issue has been fixed in the repository, the changes will be included in the next release.