Copy an Atlas cluster db to run on an EC2

I want to create a backup/working EC2 mongoDB, as we need to upgrade the Altas Mongo version. This is in-case something goes wrong with the upgrade we can point the Pritunl instances to the EC2 MongoDB.

I have copied and restored an Atlas Mongo 4.2 replica set db and restored to a stand alone docker mongo 4.2. I removed the mongo replica table, db.system.replset.remove({}), as the Mongodb is standalone instance. Pointed 1 of our Pritunl servers, by changing the mongodb connection string in the /etc/pritunl.conf file to this stand alone db. Started the Prtinul service. The Pritunl service says it running ok but when looking in the web interface its says its offline.

Why isn’t the server starting? Is it possible what I am trying here?

Check that the host in the hosts tab is online and that a host that is online is attached to the server.

Found out what was going on here. The server was working fine but the Pritunl web interface I was connecting to was on a different server which was talking to a different database so it didnt know about the status of the server. When I connected to the web interface on the Pritunl that was poitning to the EC2 instance it was showing as working. The Printunl server was also working as expected.