Create "the captain's bridge" for multiple existing Pritunls

Hey all!

We are a group of sofware developers, designers etc. All of our geo-distributed teams now have access to restricted servers via approximately ten of dedicated Pritunl servers (with different OS versions, Pritunl versions and location country). But, our numbers grows and we need centralized solution want give us ability to rule user’s accounts on all on ours existing Pritunl servers - and on new servers what we will want to setting up in future.

Can anybody poke my nose on some instructions or best practices or share expience how I can build this solution?

Global configurations with Pritunl are typically done with a MongoDB replica set in a US east/Ashburn datacenter which will provide the optimal latency for Pritunl hosts in other regions. The increased latency should not effect the usability of the Pritunl hosts.

Thank you sir. But where I can find documentation what describes how I can connect existing host to another without data loss and without re-create ovpn profiles for all users? Is it possible?

The setup would be the same as installing a single host as shown in the installation documentation except one MongoDB database is used and all hosts connect to the same database. The commands installing MongoDB should be skipped and on the host setup page enter the MongoDB URI for the existing MongoDB database. Profiles don’t need to be recreated.