Deploying Pritunl client on Windows with profile as part of system imaging/patching


Does anyone know how/if it’s possible to deploy Pritunl to a machine along with its profile on Windows?

I can see some documentation which shows cli for Pritunl but this appears to be only for Linux/MacOS: Command Line Interface

My use cases are two:

  1. Local system imaging where the system is reimagined with Windows and software installed. I would like Pritunl to be installed and configured with that machine’s profile.
  2. Existing machines where I can use tools like PDQ/SCCM to deploy Pritunl with a profile.


The installer has the option /SILENT to run the install with the dialog shown and all prompts automated. The option /VERYSILENT automates all the prompts and does not show any dialog.

The Pritunl Client v1.2.3154.57 release includes the CLI application at C:\Program Files (x86)\Pritunl\pritunl-client.exe. This release was primarily for Linux changes and never got tested on Windows. It is not the same release linked on the homepage.

The CLI can be used to automate importing a profile or the profile can be manually added to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\pritunl\profiles. There are two files for each profile profile_id.conf and profile_id.ovpn. The json at the top of the profile downloaded from the Pritunl server file needs to be parsed and removed then saved to the .conf file. A random 32 length string of lower case hex is used for the profile ID.

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