Disable IPv6 routing

I’m using pritunl-client to connect to my VPN and use a fixed IPv4 Ip, however for some requests something is routing them through my IPv6, to give you a real example, this is only happening when I’m trying to authenticate something through the Azure AD, all my requests are beign routed through my IPv6 and the tenant is blocking my access because this is not the IP of the VPN, however if I disable the IPv6 protocol on my Network adapter I can authenticate without any issues because now everything is beign routed using the IPv4 from the VPN.

Is there a way to configure pritunl client or server to always route the requests using the IPv4 or the only way to do this is to disable the IPv6 protocol on the network adapter?

To avoid IPv6 traffic from getting routed off the VPN you should enabled IPv6 in the Pritunl server settings. This will route the IPv6 traffic over the VPN if the route is added. If the server doesn’t have IPv6 it will still prevent it from being routed off the VPN.