Disable reconnect is not configurable

Hello, we have a VPN server configured with “User Inactive Timeout” with 10 minutes and “User Session Timeout” with 6 hours.
The timeout seems to work, however all clients (windows, linux, mac) reconnect to the server each time after timeout, which kind of defeats the whole purpose.

I found this:

Which supposedly allows configuring the “disable_reconnect” option, whoever I cannot find anywhere to enable/disable it, the only place I can see it is in the json of the pritunl profile.

There is also this:

Which looking at the title “Disable reconnect on inactivity” makes me think if inactivity is enable then reconnect should be disabled, however this is not the case and all client without fail reconnect everytime.

How can we disable reconnect?

The option is in the top right settings in the Pritunl web console.

Thanks I found it, however the functionality doesn’t make sense, we have multiple servers, some are configured with idle timeout, and with reconnect enabled, all client simply reconnect after timeout, but with reconnect disabled, client dont’ reconnect to server without idle timeout.

Is it not possible to configure recoonect per server?

The reconnect option will likely be added as in option in the server settings. It’s commonly used with single sign-on configurations that require multi-factor authentication.

The option has been added to the client in the settings for each profile. This change will be included with the next client release.

Thanks, any estimate till next release?

This is now available in Pritunl Client v1.3.3420.31. This is currently in the unstable repository on Linux.

Thanks, however I don’t understand the reasoning of setting this option as “Disable auto-reconnect” Instead of enabling it.
We have some VPN servers that we don’t want to support reconnect, since there is an idle timeout we want users to disconnect from the server after X minutes of idle time, and the current functionality only let’s users to opt-out of reconnect, and we can’t enforce this.

Also I’ve just checked the client on windows and I don’t understand how this is supposed to work with the option in the server, since no matter what value I set in the server (enable/disable) the option in the client is always disabled, so it will always reconnect?

I have a very simple question, can I, with the current versions (server, client), enforce auto-reconnect per server?
If it’s not supported would it be possible to use the plugin system to achieve this?

Just to be clear, we don’t want to let users chose, that only leads to trouble, we need to enforce auto-reconnect.

I have update the server to automatically set disable reconnect when a user inactive timeout or user session timeout is configured. This setting will sync to the client on connection and would override the client setting. This will fix this specific issue for all non-system profiles, if the client has configured the profile as a system profile it will always attempt to reconnect. This will be included in the next Pritunl server release.