DNS Proxy with Pritunl

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Is it possible to create Dns proxy with pritunl ?

The scenario is when user connect to Pritunl, user can access/connect to Some Dns even blocked by Internet Service Provider. Is it possible we configure through Pritunl Server ?

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You can do DNS forwarding on the Enterprise plan.

Enabling client DNS mapping in the advanced server settings starts a DNS service on the Pritunl server. This DNS server will resolve Pritunl clients by username under the .vpn domain shown in the users page. This DNS service will also proxy all requests to the DNS server set in the server settings. An enterprise subscription is required for this feature.

The DNS server can also be set in the server settings then this DNS server can be added as a /32 route on the VPN server. This will route the DNS traffic through the Pritunl server.

thanks @abdullah

Hi @zach, Thanks for this information.