DNS settings to OpenVPN Connect client

I’m trying to replace an OpenVPN server with Pritunl. I don’t want to roll out new clients to my 100 users, so I’d like to keep using the OpenVPN Connect client. I have this working except that the clients don’t get the proper DNS settings when they connect. Specifically, the DNS Server and DNS Suffix does not get updated on the client. The DNS servers listed are:

(I don’t have ipv6 enabled)

and the Connection-specific DNS Suffix is blank.

The Pritunl client works fine, but I prefer staying with the OpenVPN Connect client. I’m trying to keep this as simple and self service as possible for my numerous clients that connect. Most of them will be stumped if I need them to install a new client or change settings on their computer manually. I would have to do that on most of their computers. (Not a sophisticated crowd, I’m afraid.) So, I’d really like to get this working with the OpenVPN client.

I’ve set the DNS server and and search domain in the server setup on Pritunl and in the user settings. Neither made a difference.

It’s possible there is a different implementation for controlling DNS settings in the connect client.