"Enable VPN Client DNS Mapping" option is absent from server configuration

I have installed Pritunl v1.30.3157.70 7e140e and have noticed that there’s no name resolving between the clients. After some research, I’ve found that Pritunl has an option named “Enable VPN Client DNS Mapping” described like this in the documentation:

Map the vpn clients ip address to the .vpn domain such as example_user.example_org.vpn. A custom dns server is run to support this feature. Clients should all use the vpn server address as the primary dns server. This will be the first host on the vpn network. The dns server will forward dns requests to the dns servers set in the server settings for requests that are not on the .vpn domain.

However, it’s not present in my servers configuration. So I wonder if it’s tied to something else.

This option requires an enterprise subscription.

Hum. Haven’t noticed that. Thank you.