"Encryption not available" error

I updated pritunl-client-electron recently (on Fedora 37) and now I’m seeing this error:

Error occurred in handler for 'processing': Error: Error while decrypting the ciphertext provided to safeStorage.decryptString. Encryption is not available.
    at eval (webpack-internal:///./main/Main.js:69:83)
    at node:electron/js2c/browser_init:2:97569
    at EventEmitter.<anonymous> (node:electron/js2c/browser_init:2:81082)
    at EventEmitter.emit (node:events:513:28)

This is to stderr or the console only - it doesn’t appear in any logs. I can no longer connect on my existing profile at all. I havnen’t changed any settings recently, apart from upgrading. Any tips?

This will be fixed in v1.3.3430.77 which will be available in a few hours.

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I have currently the same issue on MacOS

That error will require deleting and reimporting the profile.