Enterprise v1.30.3292.22 - RDP Connection Errors, suspect wrong MTU

Since some time we have the problem that we can connect via Pritunl, but some (1-2 users) have the problem that their RDP connection hangs at “estimating connection quality”. The problem does not fix itself, we have to restart the firewall and the Pritunl VPN server in this case, which helps in most cases. But unfortunately not always

We have our servers at a cloud provider (hetzner) which has a MTU of 1400. In the forum post

it talks about setting an MTU for wireguard connections. But I can not find the setting, only the MSS fix, which I already have on 1400.

Can someone help me?

Is it somehow possible to get telephone support for Enterprise subscriptions?

What we have found out in the meantime is that the error does not occur when we log in with a user who has not assigned a PIN. We have 2 RDP farms with one Pritunl VPN each, on both farms we have created a user for testing. As soon as we log in with this user it works. Except for the PIN, it is set identically to the other users.

The client debugging documentation has information on testing the MTU. The MSS fix option is the MTU. If the server has an MTU of 1400 the VPN will need to be lower to allow for the packet encapsulation.

I no longer think it’s an MTU problem. If you change the Pirtunl user with another one it works. If it is a MTU problem then the problem should be independent of the pritunl user.

Is there no way to get direct support from the manufacturer?

You can email contact@pritunl.com for support.