Hi @zach
I am running a single instance of Pritunl Zero to access several internal HTTP services. There are several admins changing the configuration (e.g. adding new services). Twice I had a strange behaviour: one admin added an additional service and this somehow broke Pritunl Zero completely. When I tried to access the web interface afterwards, all I got was a browser error saying: the site sent an invalid response - ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR. So all I could do was restoring the VM from backup. Since then everything has been fine.

I managed to keep the disk with the invalid state and I would like to find out, what exactly happened (I think it is just a user error). Could you give me some pointers on which log files to look in? Just looking at the error, I suspect it has something to do with the TLS certificate. Is it possible to reset the TLS settings over CLI?


The command sudo pritunl-zero reset-id can be used to clear the host ID. This will create a new host and clear the host configuration. The settings can then be copied over from the old host in the hosts tab.

Thanks a lot. I will try this, if this error happens again. Is it also possible to temporarly switch the admin node to HTTP over the pritunl-zero - command?

There’s no commands that would change node options.