Error node: Proxy server error


I’m very vanilla and inherited this system. I upgraded for our Domain controllers from 2012 → 2022 now receiving this message.

http: proxy error: dial tcp: lookup ( No address associated with hostname\n

Would restarting services for the server fix the issue or is it something else?
Any input is appreciated, currently working through this.

Seems like a certificate for the internal web server isnt on the new DC? Maybe?

I’m into the server via ssh, but really don’t know where to begin.

So after restarting and looking into logs…
Web server certificate error

Does anyone know what to do in this situation?
I’ve been researching to no avail.

Found this in documentation.
If a hostname is used in Pritunl Zero the internal server must have a valid certificate.

Is this in reference to the SSL cert for the internal webserver?

For most configurations the internal server should be an IP address. If it is a domain it will require the internal server to return a valid certificate. You can run sudo pritunl-zero set router skip_verify true to ignore invalid certificates on internal servers.

Unfortunately this didn’t work.

I need the full error message to see specifically what error is occurring.

What log file should I look up?