Error occured in main process after upgrading to v1.3.3420.31

After upgrading to Pritunl.arm.64 v1.3.3420.31 for Mac all users (Monterey or Ventura) are getting the following error when they click the red dot to close the app then click on the Pritunl icon in the Menu bar

No mention in any of the following log files as per documents - Debugging
~/Library/Application Support/pritunl/pritunl.log
~/Library/Application Support/pritunl/profiles/PROFILE_ID.log

The error goes away if we downgrade back to v1.3.3373.6 but we want to keep v1.3.3420.31 to take advantage of the added feature to Disable Auto Reconnect

Can still use the client if we click on exit

This release is still in testing. You may need to delete and reimport the profiles after downgrading if a connection was attempted. The new version will migrate profile keys to Electron safe storage when the VPN connection is initiated.