Failed to connect Windows pritunl client in wireguard mode

Windows pritunl client connected successfully in OpenVPN mode but in WG mode an error message occured:

Handshake timeout on Server_name

in server’s debug log nothing besides these messages exists regarding WG:

[restless-stars-1274] 2023-11-27 17:54:30 Client wg conf 63fa174a90ebae054ae4fd56:
[restless-stars-1274] 2023-11-27 17:54:30   {'hostname': 'external_IP_address', 'hostname6': None, 'gateway': '', 'gateway6': 'fd01:a640:e00::1', 'port': 24925, 'web_port': 443, 'web_no_ssl': False, 'public_key': 'pub_key value', 'routes': [{'next_hop': '', 'network': ''}, {'network': '', 'next_hop': ''}, {'network': '', 'next_hop': ''}, {'network': '', 'next_hop': ''}, {'network': '', 'next_hop': ''}], 'routes6': [], 'dns_servers': ['', ''], 'search_domains': ['my.domain'], 'network_links': [], 'network_links6': [], 'address': ''}
[restless-stars-1274] 2023-11-27 17:54:30 User disconnected user_id=63fa174a90ebae054ae4fd56
[restless-stars-1274] 2023-11-27 17:54:30 User connected wg user_id=63fa174a90ebae054ae4fd56

I also didn’t find any related info in Developer Tools of pritunl client while connecting . Any ideas?

After connecting to the server the client sends pings to the servers VPN IP which would be the first address in the VPN virtual network. This error indicates the first request timed out.

The status of the WireGuard connection should be checked on the server and client. The command sudo wg will show the status on the server. It’s likely the connection was never established. The log messages on the server only indicate the connection request through HTTP was successful, it doesn’t indicate the WireGuard connection was established. WireGuard has a connection-less design, Pritunl adds connection management with HTTP requests to enforce multi-factor authentication.