Failed to Sync


I trying to use Pritunl in my Ubuntu Server. I did the installation trough Pritunl docs [Installation], created an Organization, Server and my User, I made the connection between Server and Orga, but, when I access the VPN on the client, I can’t. This message appears in Profile Settings:

Also, this message always appears when I run [sudo apt update] after installing Pritunl.


I managed to solve the key problem. I made i:

$ cd /etc/apt
$ ls
$ cp trusted.gpg trusted.gpg.d/
$ cd trusted.gpg.d/
$ sudo apt update


See this video.: Fix Apt Linux Key is stored in legacy trusted.gpg keyring see the DEPRECATION section in apt-key(8) - YouTube

A premium or enterprise subscription is required for the feature. If a subscription is active check the logs in the top right menu. The drop down selection will list several different logs that need to be checked.

So, in order for me to use Pritunl’s VPN do I have to buy a subscription? Is that why when I try to connect to the Server, my profile status is “Connecting”?


If an option that requires updating the profile was changed that will require re-importing the profile.

Yes, but I always reimport the profile and it always gives an error.

I don’t know why it gives this error. I’ve restarted the service several times, reinstalled it several times, checked the keys and everything is ok. Anyway, I think I’ll try to work this out. Any news or solution, I will write here to help those like me.