[Feature Request] Let's encrypt DNS challange

I could not find anything related to this so I hope this could be a possible new feature.
We would like to see the DNS ACME challange in Pritunl Zero. At this moment we need to open up port 80 for the whole world and we cannot apply GeoIP blocking on that port and when we want to implement HSTS it could impact the ACME challenge.

Is Let’s encrypt DNS challenge on the roadmap?


Support for authorizing the Lets Encrypt certificates with DNS challenges on AWS and Oracle Cloud will be added to both Pritunl Zero and Pritunl Cloud soon. This will be added with the secrets storage component that will be used store the AWS and Oracle Cloud API keys.

Hi , thank you for the information, do you know if Cloudflare is(or will be) also on the list to add?

Both AWS and Cloudflare DNS challenge certificates have been added and will be included in the next release.

Do you know when the new release is planned? (this month, next month, or something like that)

Support for OracleCloud still needs to be completed. It may be in a build this weekend. It isn’t possible currently to pull the code from the repository, there is still a lot of uncommitted code.

This is now available on the unstable repositories, it will move to the stable repositories after a few days of testing. The DNS provider API key is stored in the secrets tab which can then be selected from the certificates page. Support for AWS, Cloudflare and Oracle Cloud is available.

Anyone knows if this feature is also being implemented on the Pritunl VPN solution?

There’s no plans on adding this to the VPN server.