Get Backup

How can I make a backup of The Pritunl? Does this backup include all user profiles and settings?

The backup documentation has information on backing up the database.

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Thank you so much, but I don’t know yet, what should I do for getting back up and how can restore it. there are two kinds of commands for getting back up, can you tell me what should i do step by step? and that in during getting backup my server and client Don’t they get into trouble?

The first commands backup the system and the second commands restore it. The MongoDB documentation has more information on the usage of the commands.

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Export and Restore Configuration

sudo pritunl get-mongodb
sudo pritunl set-mongodb mongodb://localhost:27017/pritunl

sudo pritunl get-host-id
sudo pritunl set-host-id 3d6bb90b269fd80073c28a352f0de983

This is the code! So tell me when I run command one, the backup will be saved on my hdd? I mean, where exactly is the backup stored?


These commands don’t make the backups, only show your mongodb url and the host-id.

You only need to backup the mongo database to save the entire configuration.

# make backuo
mongodump --db=pritunl
# zip file
tar cf pritunldb.tar dump

# unzip file
tar xf pritunldb.tar
# restore
mongorestore dump

And yes, its saved on your disk.