Getting stuck at start configuring

I’ve bought vps and got an unexpected behavior
After Installing mongo and pritunl I want to configure pritunl server via sudo pritunl command
and getting
Generating setup server ssl cert infinite waiting time without any errors or timeouts.
Just Generating setup server ssl cert and get stuck

What can I do ? Is any logs available to investigate?

It’s a Ubuntu 22.04 fresh install , all traffic in/out is allowed.
Is that step sending somewhere a request , maybe VPS banned for some reason on the other side?

There’s no log message that would indicate that process has finished, it likely did complete. Those logs don’t indicate any issues, it appears to be waiting in the setup state. If you can’t access the web console on HTTPS port 443 verify there isn’t any issues with the firewall and run sudo netstat -tulpn to check if the port is being used by another process. Run sudo ufw disable to disable the firewall in Ubuntu. The setup can be done from the CLI with the command sudo pritunl set-mongodb mongodb://localhost:27017/pritunl then run sudo systemctl restart pritunl.