Hello! my question

Hello everyone, first of all I would like to congratulate you on a very interesting project and finally ask a question: is it possible to have the shell command that emulates the Stop-Start and Restart Server keys?

Then I read this thread and I have the same problem

where a user pascal-hofmann writes that he solved the problem and suggested to insert this string

db.servers.update({‘_id’: ObjectId(“SERVERID”)}, {‘$set’: {‘pool_cursor’: null }});

My question is which module/file should this line be placed in and where?

this is a command for the mongodb shell. So you have to connect to mongodb in order to run it.


The issue with the IP pool should be fixed in the latest stable release. The pool cursor isn’t intend to reset, after an IP address is allocated it remains in the IP collection. Once the user using the dynamic address disconnects the user values on the IP are set to null. The server will first attempt to find null addresses before allocating additional IP addresses using the cursor value. The cause of the problem was some code left behind that was removing the unused IP addresses from the collection. The server can be stopped and started to clear the pool and restore the lost addresses after upgrading.

How do I update the version? From shells?
I currently have v1.30.3354.99 d62164 Enterprise

Hello, but is this command enough to be sent only once or should it be repeated every time the error occurs?

we run this every time the issue occurs.

OK thank you