HiPAA rule conformance

Customer side uses AWS Cloud EC2
I am using Pritunl OPEN-VPN.
We are trying to expand our business to the US side.
I would like to get confirmation that the current Pritunl OPEN-VPN is Hipaa compliant.

Compliance will depend on how the Pritunl server is configured and where the Pritunl server is hosted. The High Security Environment documentation has information on configuring Pritunl with the highest level of security.

If it is implemented in the High Security Environment environment, can it pass Hipaa regulations?

You would need to refer to HIPAA requirements, it may need to be hosted on a HIPAA compliant cloud environment. Many of the recommendations in the high security environment documentation would exceed HIPAA requirements and some of the HIPAA required parameters are not mentioned in that documentation. To actually comply with HIPAA and have a secure corporate network would require reviewing the full corporate network environment instead of just looking at certifications.