How can I ssh public IP assigned to a pritunl client?

Hello, I have a pritunl server installed on AWS and client on 2 of my devices. When I log in to pritunl server management dashboard from any browser, I can see, for each client, a public and a private IP address is assigned. I can access the private IP address from any machine connected to pritunl server. But for the public IP address, I cannot access, no matter if I am connected or not. To access the public IP address, what are the concerns I should consider?

Public IP addresses are not assigned to clients, that is likely the public IP address that the user is connecting from. Each user is assigned a static IP address on the virtual VPN network that is configured in the server settings. This network is accessible when connected to the VPN. It can also be routed to an existing network or cloud VPC, this is documented in the cloud route advertisement documentation.