How to delete multiple users on different pages


Considering that we have a considerable amount of users that needs to be deleted and the portal page only allows the removal of users that are show on the current page, what would be the most effective method do delete multiple users?

If the possible answer is “can be done via mongodb” is there any documentation that points to the data modeling of the db or reference on how we can perform cleanup actions of multiple users ?

Users should not be deleted from the database, there are multiple documents across different collections for each user. Deleting an organization will remove all users in the organization. The command sudo pritunl set user.page_count 10 can be used to modify how many users are shown. Holding shift will allow selecting multiple users.

thank you for the feedback, regarding the set option for the pritunl command line, where I could find more documentation regarding the options available? or Commands would be the only location to find more details?

The command line options are undocumented.

Even if I try in cosole command there is nothing at least add --help so at least we can find on our own.

You can kind of reverse-engineer the settings by looking here:

but I wouldn’t advise trying to change them without doing your research first! :slight_smile: