How to fix IPv6 failure?

I deployed pritunl VPN on vultr as one-click app. Successfully to connect it via OpenVPN client. But I have an issue to ping IPv6 address with VPN connection. I can do that on the vultr server though.

Did I miss anything? Could you please help to trouble shooting?

I have enable ipv6 support in the web console for my server. Now my machine can ping ipv6 addresses now. Thank you!

You will need to enable IPv6 in the server settings. The ::/0 route should be shown when it is enabled.

Hi, @zach . Thank you for your reply! Do you know where can I see the ::/0 route on the server? I have no knowledge about this. Sorry.

It would be shown when the route is added and IPv6 is enabled. This will indicate IPv6 internet traffic will be routed through the VPN.

Do you mean the route listed on the web console here?

Yes that indicates IPv6 internet traffic is routed.