How to get routed ipv6 subnet?


I have a dedicated server from OVH it comes with a /64 ipv6 subnet.

this is my setup:
Host system is the :: (it is a proxmox VM server) First IP of the subnet
the first VM is ::1
the Pritunl VM is ::2

If I connect a user to pritunl as client he gets the ::2 ipv6 as public IP.

Is there any way I can get IPs from the subnet to the clients? Or would this only be possible If I install pritunl on the Host system instead of a VM guest?

so users would get ::3 and ::4 and so on.

The Pritunl host must have a full /64 subnet. The subnet can be set in the host settings, the same subnet can be used for the OpenVPN IPv6 subnet and WireGuard IPv6 subnet. This configuration requires an enterprise subscription.