How to make Pritunl Client automatically reconnect on system start/wake from sleep (windows)?

I have a VPN profile that uses 2FA. I’ve recently switched from Viscosity to pritunl and one thing that’s been annoying me is that after I wake my machine from sleep (or reboot) I have to find and open pritunl window manually, then select the profile and type in 2FA token for it to start. While Viscosity would automatically attempt to reconnect and then prompt for pin. Is it possible to get this behavior in Pritunl Client?

The Pritunl Client authentication cache option in the top right settings needs to be enabled to allow automatically connecting.

What is “top right settings”? Where do I enable it? I don’t see it in advanced settings on my Pritunl Client.

That is an option in the server settings. It would be in the top right navigation bar in the Pritunl web console.

That’s definitely not what I was talking about since 1) Viscosity with the same profiles has the desired workflow, without any server settings 2) I see no reason why client-side setting (automatically attempt to reconnect to the last used profile on wake up/start up/connection loss) should require something server side.

That will allow reconnecting without needing to enter the multi-factor authentication but there is no option to have it prompt for the authentication automatically.

Well, that’s a huge let down. I might switch back to Viscosity then. On windows it takes opening the tray → finding Pritunl tray icon and clicking on it → finding the right profile and pressing connect → entering authentication info. That’s pretty long sequence of things to do on each laptop wake up (it might be possible to automate it using cli, but why bother at this point?).

Have you already made the profile your system profile? That should create a service which starts the VPN automatically.

Yes, I did. It doesn’t seem to do anything. Maybe it only works for profiles that don’t require authentication?