How to remove SSL certificate on pritunl-zero

We already install pritunl zero on ubuntu 22.04.
We have problem with create ssl certificate on pritunl-zero. we need to remove the old ssl certificate and create tne new one.

We already tried remove from menu certificate and create the new certificate but when we check from this url SSL Checker still showing the wrong certificate.

Is there any command cli that we can use to remove it ?

If the web console is accessible the certificate needs to be updated in the node settings. Select the certificate and click add certificate. Any invalid or unused certificates should be removed from the certificate list in the node settings. Certificates are matched by domain name if there is a valid and invalid certificate with the same domain name either could be selected.

If the web console is inaccessible because of a configuration issue you will need to run sudo pritunl-zero reset-id. Then sudo systemctl restart pritunl-zero this will create a new host with a default configuration. The host settings can then be copied to the new host from the hosts tab.

We able to open the web console then remove the old certificate from menu certificate and nodes , after that we create the new certificate and add on the Nodes.

But when we checking we still got this error ssl
Screenshot from 2024-05-09 11-16-09

Also checking directly on the server openssl s_client -connect domain-name:443 -brief
Screenshot from 2024-05-09 11-15-34

In the certificates tab verify the DNS names listed on the right have the correct domains.