Importing 3rd party ovpn profiles

I’m currently using two different OpenVPN clients on my PC.

Pritunl to connect to our corporate Pritunl Server, and OpenVPN to connect to a client’s SSL VPN Server.

I’d like to use the Pritunl Client only, as it makes the most sense. But when I import the ovpn profile for the 3rd party account, the User and Server information are empty, and “settings” does not offer a way to update/modify that information.

Is there a way around that? Any changes in particular I need to make to the ovpn file itself?
The Pritunl ovpn and the 3rd party ovpn have a very different structure, so not even sure how to start.


Pritunl Client

To prevent vulnerabilities from malicious OpenVPN configuration files the client will filter only the OpenVPN options used by the Pritunl Server. These are listed in pritunl-client-electron/service/parser/ovpn.go. This may break other configurations.

The name can be set in the settings but the user and server would need to be set in the configuration file.

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That’s fair, thanks.