Infinite "Reconnecting" with Failed to exec netsh.exe

Hey there!

Long story short, I’m on Windows 10, re-installed the latest client v1.3.3814.40 and after clicking “Connect” on any profile, I’m constantly getting “Reconnecting”. Restarting client, restarting Windows, re-importing profile didn’t help.

My connection is through Wi-Fi.

Really looking for some help, please, since this is blocking my work.

In the Service logs the following is printed on and on:

[2024-07-07 14:14:06][ERRO] ▶ utils: Process exec error ◆ arg=[]string(nil) ◆ cmd="C:\\Windows\\system32\\netsh.exe" ◆ error_output="" ◆ output="netsh>The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.\r\n\r\n\r\nnetsh>"
utils: Failed to exec 'C:\Windows\system32\netsh.exe'
exit status 1
	C:/Users/Cloud/go/src/ +0x693944
	C:/Users/Cloud/go/src/ +0x7574d3*Profile).startOvpn
	C:/Users/Cloud/go/src/ +0x7682cd*Profile).Start
	C:/Users/Cloud/go/src/ +0x767aa7*Profile).Restart.func1
	C:/Users/Cloud/go/src/ +0x7798da
	C:/Program Files/Go/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s:1695 +0x1b1120

p.s. previous client I had installed v1.2.2653.1 was working just fine for the latest 4 years or so, till last Friday. Today it refused to show any reaction to my clicks on “Connect” - just literally nothing was happening, logs were empty. After Windows restart it began showing “Unable to communicate with helper service”, even though it was in running state in Win Services list. Restarting didn’t help. So, I decided to uninstall the client and install the latest version, and now I’m here…

Nevermind, re-installed back the old version and now able to connect just fine again :exploding_head:

That error would be unrelated to what is causing the issue. It is only logged, the error is ignored and setting the interface metric isn’t typically required. The profile logs would likely contain the error that is preventing the connection from working.