Inter-client communications not working, not able to ping between connected clients


We are unable to ping between connected clients on the same host. We can receive a ping back from the GW on the subnet ( .1 ) but nothing else.

The inter-client routing is enabled and looking in the docs there is an option for inter-client communication which doesn’t appear to be available.

Is there additional settings or FW rules I would need in place to support this?


This may be an issue with firewalls configured on the client operating system.

SO we have turned off all of the firewalls and it still not working as expected.

However we did look at the TAP Adapter after we found that ipconfig was retuning a 169 ip address. Once we statically set teh ip address of the vpn then we were able to ping both directions. We could ping the GW both direction at all times.

Not sure the lost ip is because of the bypass secondary authentication however that was the only difference between the 2 profiles.

Even after setting it staticly on the device, once it disconnected and reconnected it would lose the ip at random.